Mobley for Guilford County Commissioner
On School Safety and Budgets
School Safety: Recent tragic events have shown that it is more important than ever to make sure our schools are safe and secure. The "S" in the $1.9 Billion in SMART bond funds the Commissioners have been authorized to raise stands for "Safety". I intend to make sure Safety is put first in the design of new school buildings and the renovation of older ones as it was advertised. I also look forward to working with local law enforcement to determine how we can best control access to our schools and have quick response times with clear instructions should an emergency arise.  

Sustainable Budgeting: Due to the recent boom in property values, the County and other local governments with property taxes have a revenue windfall. This comes at a fortunate time from a bond repayment perspective, but it puts pressure on housing affordability and cuts further into the budgets of our residents who are facing record inflation. This means we have to balance our needs more carefully than ever. We must recognize the revenues needed to pay off our school bonds and to pay county employees competitively, but we should be very selective when it comes to starting new programs or expanding existing ones if they are unlikely to survive a dip in tax revenues. I believe these funds should go back to our residents and look forward to advocating for them in our next budget.