Mobley for Guilford County Commissioner

Campaign Goals



  1. 1. Responsibly invest the funds from our School Bond so that our K-12 public school infrastructure is the best in the region.


2. Prioritize the recommendations for the High School systems in District 3 in the Facilities Master Plan.


  1. 3. Increase teacher compensation through additional county supplements and bonuses. 
  3. 4. Work with GTCC (Guilford Technical Community College) and local employers to create a talent pipeline of skilled workers without the requirement of a four year degree, specifically in key industries such as logistics, aviation, nursing, and other vocations with high income potential. 

Public Safety


  1. 1. Ensure first responder average and starting salaries lead the region.
  3. 2. Implement family support and retention packages to increase gender diversity and keep high performing first responders.
  5. 3. Implement a Behavioral Response Team with law enforcement modeled off of the GPD program.
  7. 4. Work with the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council to create a full fledged summer job program that connects teens in areas with high crime rates with employment opportunities. 


Economic Game Changers


  1. 1. Prepare our community to capitalize on the large planned investments from Automobile, Aviation, and Logistics companies in our region.
  3. 2. Invest in our water systems to provide clean water and support growing populations in Greensboro and Northwest Guilford.  


3.  Draw professional e-sports teams and events to the Coliseum.

4. Support continued commercial development around the High Point Rockers Stadium and the Battleground Parks district.


  1. 5. Expand Wet'n Wild Emerald Pointe Water Park into a mixed ride theme park.


6. Elevate NC Fusion Sports Programs such as USL 2 soccer to USL 1.

New Advisory Commissions


  1. 1. A Business Advisory Commission that will provide feedback on the business implications of new and existing taxes, fees, and ordinances. 

2. A Digital Strategy Commission that will be tasked with creating and monitoring a five year plan for digital infrastructure that can securely support education and business needs. 


3. Institute a separate county Board of Public Health

Environmental Sustainability


  1.  1. Increase the use of solar power at county facilities that primarily operate during the day, and the number of electrified county vehicles operating in high-density areas. Example: I support the resolution from the GSO Solar Now Initiative for Guilford County Schools on Clean Energy.


2. Increase the walkability of commercial market areas throughout the county and their connectivity with public and ride-sharing transportation options.

County Budgeting and Compensation


  2. 1. Incorporate zero-based budgeting and benchmarking exercises into the budgeting process.
  4. 2. Advocate for a fair distribution method of sales tax revenue to our municipalities. 
  6. 3. Create a competitive compensation program for county staff with cost of living, experience, group merit, and overall merit components.

4. Encourage special assignments and continuing education for county employees.